Your Catch

Getting your catch home, that's almost as important as catching it!

We clean your fish and prepare it for the following two options:

1.  You can keep your fish with you and transport it in a cooler, however all fish transported by the angler must  be in a recognizable state so that a Dept of Fisheries Officer can recognize the individual species and total amount of fish. The fish must either be in the possession of the licensed Angler or the persons transporting the fish must have a signed note stating where the fish was caught, who caught it, and what their license number is.

2.  We do recommend that if you do not plan to consume your fish immediately, you can have your catch processed in a licensed packing plant.
We recommend "Seapak", located in Masset, minutes away from the wharf.  They specialize in processing the sports fishers catch.  They will custom cut your fish to the style and portions you prefer.  Seapak has an excellent smoking service and can provide you with a hot or cold smoke, candy smoke or lox. They Vacuum Pack then Blast Freeze your catch after processing to ensure it will arrive in good condition.  The fish will be delivered by a courier service such as FedEx to anywhere in North America.  The majority of my customers use this service and have been more than satisfied.  A schedule of Seapak’s services and rates is kept on the boat or you can contact them directly at  Transportation of your catch to Seapak is included in the charter.